About Me

If you want to understand why neutrals are so hard to describe you're in the right place.

If you want to learn to get colour to do what you want, you're also in the right place.

"With more than ten years of design experience and thousands of consultations, Maria has honed her eye for color like you wouldn't believe.

-Apartment Therapy

Maria Killam is an internationally sought after colour expert, design blogger, author, trainer, decorator and stylist. She is passionate about all things color and design, subjects she writes about extensively on her blog, Colour Me Happy.

Her no-nonsense color advice, along with her friendly and inspiring writing style quickly turned Colour Me Happy into one of the top 10 color blogs in North America with over 200,000 readers in over 150 countries around the world.

Maria's experience conducting thousands of consultations in every style of home created the foundation for her revolutionary and breakthrough system of Understanding Undertones™.

Along with teaching fundamental color and design principles through her best-selling book, How to Choose Paint Colours - It's All in the Undertones, she also offers a three-day training, True Colour Expert – How to Specify Colour with Confidence for Designers, Architects, Decorators and Stagers from all across the US and Canada.

Maria is a member of the Color Marketing Group, the premier international association for color design professionals.

Her blog has been featured in The Washington Post five times.

A recent survey of Colour Me Happy readers showed that an incredible 91% of Maria's readers follow her advice and over 75% say that her advice has impacted their buying decisions!

And, of her almost half of one million readers, over 70% consider themselves design enthusiasts and over 50% call themselves a Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY).